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It is essential that the food is handled in a sanitary manner during all points of production,
including production, processing and distribution. In order to provide consumers with a more
hygienic and safe food a thorough hygiene is maintained in the facilities
More than ever we are taking steps to ensure our food does not cause food poisoning.
Providing safe, high-quality food」This is the motto of our business since our founding in 1948
We are trusted and supported by many of our customers, especially school meals operation.
We are government certified for having a clean production facility.
Continue to provide to every students a high-quality products.
We do not spare any effort to be a leader in this industry with a flexible corporate
structure that can meet the needs of everyone.
With 21st century know-how and confidence and quality of school meals,
As a leader in food delicious traditional foods that many people will love,
Corporate Profile
Company name K&K Foods Co. Ltd.
October 1, 1992, established
Representative Director Katsuyuki Kubo
Capital 20 million yen
Employees 80
Business Manufacturing bakery・Rice-processing Industry
Annual business Osaka school meals Rice bread processing fee about 40 million yenManufacture and sale of bread and other cooked rice about 30 million yen
Main Customer Osaka Prefecture Elementary School Junior High School
Main Supplier Nippun Shoji Co. Ltd. Kaneka Shokohin Hanbai
Tanaka Shokohin Kogyou Co., Ltd. Tomoe Shokohin Kogyou Co. Ltd
Tahei Shokuryou Co. Ltd
October 1, 1992 K&K Foods Co. Ltd. was established
December 26, 1997 Wakamiya, Ltd. was established
April 1, 2002 K&K Foods Co., Ltd. changed its name
Business Opportunity Corporation plain bread
New plant plain cooked rice
June 11, 2002 K&K Inc. changed its name
August 1, 2003 K&K Foods Co., Ltd.
And the merger K&K Foods Co. Ltd
April 1, 2004 Kumata New plant headquarters
Plain cooked rice factory ・ Head office Bread sector integration
August 2007 Tondabayashi Factory production line newly established


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K&K Foods Co.Ltd

Head Office
Zip Code: 546-0002
Kumata Higashisumiyoshi Osaka District 8-1-17

Tondabayashi factory
Zip Code: 584-0048
9-8-5 Nishi Itamochi Tondabayashi City Osaka
TEL: 0721-35-6838 (Representative)

K&KHanbai Co., Ltd
Zip Code: 546-0041
4-7-19 Kuwazu Higashisumiyoshi
District Osaka City

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K&K Foods
K&K Foods Co.Ltd
Head office
Kumata Higashisumiyoshi
Osaka District 8-1-17
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