Gained in confidence and quality of school meals Product introduction to create a rich food culture Hygiene management,Achieve a thorough hygiene


Hygiene management
Air Shower ➔
Achieve a thorough hygiene
To maintain a clean environment
in the room, we use a positive air
pressure system. We also monitor
the air conditioning.
Hygiene management・Air Shower


k&k Foods Character

To protect the safety of food, and all
of the production process and distribution.
We handle it with sanitary manner, to provide
a safe food for the consumers.
We manage our facilities hygiene,
with thorough measures, to prevent food poisonings.
The reason why since 1948 we been trust
loved and embrace by many consumers.

Rice sector
School meals operation ➔
Gained in confidence and
quality of school meals
We started a new business
in Osaka Prefecture which
is providing cooked rice.
This is adopted in style of
the school meals.
Hygiene management・Air Shower


Bread department
Bakery Opearation ➔
The taste of the bread on
the table originally
We are serving the original
flavor of bread.
With a same taste
and quality of what you have in
your own home.
Bread department Bakery Operation

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